Nissan Innovations Explained

Nissan Innovations

Are you wondering what Nissan is working on or curious about what some of the newest features included in your current Nissan or future Nissan are all about? We answer some of those tough questions and dig deep into Nissan’s Intelligent Mobility and Brain-to-Vehicle Technology (B2V).

What is Nissan Intelligent Mobility?

Nissan Intelligent Mobility is a combination of advanced safety features, driver abilities, and the ability to sync the driver to their vehicle. To sum it up Nissan Intelligent Mobility is the connection between cars, drivers, and community - it is a connection to the whole world. The overall goal is to provide driving that is smarter, safer, easier, and absolutely enjoyable. 

Current technologies or vehicle features include:

  • Intelligent Forward Collision Warning - this features watches two cars ahead and can warn you to decrease your speed before you can even notice what’s halting traffic.
  • Intelligent Blind Spot Warning - you can now change lanes with more confidence, as this new feature keeps an eye on the blind spot area and gives you a beeping notification if a vehicle is hiding in your blind spot before you change lanes.
  • Intelligent Lane Intervention - with clear lane markings this feature detects if your vehicle is straying out of the lane you are in and taps on the brakes to help guide you back into your lane.
  • Intelligent Back-Up Intervention - backing up can be tricky when driving, this feature is looking out for you with sensors to alert you when someone or something might be a hazard. It also brakes automatically.
  • Intelligent Around View Monitor - you now have the ability to see everything with a 360-degree view of your surrounding you can make sure you are safely on the move.
  • Intelligent Distance Control - your vehicle will monitor traffic flow and alert you if you are not traveling or following other cars at a safe distance during cruise control.

These advanced technology components are available with the All-New 2019 Nissan Altima and a variety of other Nissan Models, many safety features do vary based on trim level of the vehicle you select, so make sure to talk with your M’Lady Nissan Sales Team Member to ensure you are getting the vehicle and all the Nissan Intelligent Mobility features you want.

What is Brain-to-Vehicle Technology?

This technology takes driving to a whole new level and a blast into the future! Designed to customize the driving experience based on your neurological waves detecting, analyzing, and responding to brainwaves in real-time to decode and predict a driver’s actions or discomfort. WOW, sounds super cool!

According to Nissan: “This technology offers two key benefits: It enhances driver performance, enabling them to reach their full driving potential while maintaining control. It provides real-time personalization of Autonomous Drive mode and other functions - this has never been achieved before.”

B2V technology functionality includes predict and detect. These 2 components identify driver brain signals by detecting driver behavior, driving patterns, and reactions while on the road. The technology will learn about how the driver prefers to drive and assist with providing an enjoyable experience each time in autonomous driving mode. All of this is conducted with a skullcap worn by the driver and analyzed and interpreted for immediate implementation of how the driver would react or prefer to react to make the drive comfortable, safe, and enjoyable.

Cars sure have come a long way! It is an exciting time to learn about all of the great innovative technologies being transferred into vehicles, making you truly connected to your vehicle and driving experience. To test drive one of the vehicles featuring Intelligent Mobility,  learn more about what Nissan is working on, or learn more about any of the tech features contact M’Lady Nissan!






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