Nissan 10K Mile Service

Vehicle maintenance by miles is one of the most common car service specials being offered by car dealerships these days. Along with a wide range of vehicles to choose from, M’Lady Nissan in Crystal Lake, IL also offers a 10k mile service for its loyal patrons and customers.

M’Lady Nissan in Crystal Lake, IL is a car dealership that is proud of its services. Customer service is important in keeping good relationships with customers and M’Lady fully and effectively implements this service. Our customer service representatives are always ready to listen to complaints, provide recommendations, answer queries and patiently handle even the most demanding customers requests.


The 10k mile service is one of the mileage-based maintenance services being offered by car dealerships today. Aside from this, some dealers also offer 15k and 20k mile services. Generally, by around 10,000 miles of running up and down, your vehicle is due for its first service maintenance. This initial service round is not really very demanding, and it usually just include the need for tire rotation, air filter, oil change and parts (cooling and brake systems) inspection.

  • Change of Spark Plugs
  • Change of primary lubricant for chaincase lubricant and Cleaning of drain plug
  • Checking and adjustment of the primary chain

Many other services are included in the 10K Mile Service, that our service center technicians would be more than happy to help you with!

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One of the most common mistakes car owners commit is not getting the 10k mile service. An oil change, for instance, is a maintenance service that your vehicle needs at least after every 7,500 miles. Some people go for oil change service after just 3,000 miles; experts consider that to be on the extreme and a little too often. On the other hand, there are people who only consider oil change after driving their vehicles for 15k or more miles. If your car is a new model the 10k mile service should be the right one. These days, synthetic oils with improved lifespan are being used and that allows for longer mileage service before the need for oil change. If you opt not to get the 10k mile service, chances are you will have to pay for the upcoming service maintenance that your car will need.

The 10k mile service is a dealership offered special service that gives car owners the chance to availibility of free repair and maintenance services under warranty. Despite claims by some people that vehicles actually require initial service before reaching 10,000 miles, this mileage calculation is based on expert knowledge and is considered to be standard.


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