Is your Nissan lease nearing its maturity date? Visit M'Lady Nissan to begin exploring your car lease return options. Whether you want to lease a new Nissan Rogue or buy your current auto lease, our Nissan finance team is here to answer all your questions and guide you through the lease return process. Did you know you can also trade-in your lease early for additional incentives or even sell your leased vehicle? It’s true and we’re happy to help show you how!

Lease Return Options

When your lease is nearing its conclusion, Nissan Motor Acceptance Company (NMAC) keeps you notified with mailers and emails outlining your options and obligations.


Option 1: Get a new Nissan

Turn in your current vehicle, and lease or buy a new Nissan. Our Owner Loyalty Offers help make this an attractive option. Visit the See All Vehicles section to find out which Nissan model is right for you.


Option 2: Keep your Nissan

If you purchase your vehicle, you can avoid excess mileage, wear and use charges. You will not be responsible for any costs other than the predetermined purchase option price and the incidental charges stated in your Nissan lease contract or required by law. These may include sales tax, vehicle registration, a purchase option fee, etc.


Option 3: Return your Nissan

If you no longer want to lease a Nissan, then that's okay, too. The M'Lady Nissan finance team will make the Nissan lease return process easier than ever. Prior to returning your vehicle lease, you'll want to schedule a car inspection at the M'Lady Nissan service center. We'll make note of any excess wear and tear to let you know if any auto repairs are necessary. When you return your Rogue lease or new Nissan Altima lease, make sure to bring the keys and owner's manual.

Additional Options

Trade-In Lease Early

Trading-in your lease early can help you not just enjoy a new Nissan model sooner but also can come with additional incentives and bonuses. We may be able to cover your last two payments, offer a loyalty bonus to be put toward your next car, and could even help waive some lease return fees.

Selling Your Lease

With the current supply chain issues and vehicle chip shortages, your leased vehicle could be in high demand. Selling your lease back to us is a great option if you’re interested in trying out a different vehicle.

Loyalty Programs

Driving your Nissan is always a thrill, but simply owning one is every bit as exciting! Take advantage of the unique benefits of Nissan ownership like Vehicle Roadside Assistance and Loyalty Programs. Discover how you can enhance your Nissan purchase or lease experience:

  • MyNISSAN Rewards: A loyalty experience that puts you in control. Earn rewards for taking care of your vehicle at the participating vehicle of your choice and choose to apply them at your dealership for whatever your vehicle needs.
  • Nissan Visa® Credit Card: Earn rewards on the things you buy every day. Then redeem rewards toward the purchase or lease of a new Nissan or Certified Pre-Owned vehicle, or for parts, service and accessories at your participating Nissan dealership.

Why Choose M'Lady Nissan?

Our Nissan dealer in Crystal Lake, IL, is focused on ensuring your experience with us exceeds your highest expectations. Our friendly finance managers work with people all throughout Illinois to ensure they receive a finance program that best suits their needs. If it's time to return your lease and you're searching for new Nissan specials near me, then don't hesitate to call us.


If you love your current lease and want to buy it, then let us know! Talk to the M'Lady Nissan finance team about how you can pay off the rest of what you owe. We'll help you explore your auto loan options and develop a car financing plan that works for you.

There are advantages to both, but no difference in maintenance or operating costs.

Generally, leases are better for those who drive up to 15,000 miles each year, take excellent care of their vehicles, and want a new car every two to four years. With a lease, you only have to pay for that portion of the car's life that you use.

Buying is ideal if you drive a lot of miles, put your vehicle to heavy or rough use, and want to build equity. You can also sell, customize or trade your Nissan when you own the vehicle.

Yes, regular scheduled maintenance, according to the service intervals outlined in the owner’s manual and maintenance schedule, is required per your lease agreement. Failure to maintain the lease vehicle in accordance with the maintenance guide may be noted during the required vehicle inspection prior to the vehicle return date. An AIM, certified inspector will provide an assessment copy of chargeable wear-and-use (if any) along with a Notice of Option to make repairs prior to vehicle return.

Visit the Nissan Finance Contact Us page to view NMAC’s mailing address.

Yes, please contact our Insurance Department at (800) 777-7525. If your insurance company is issuing a check that NMAC must endorse, copies of the insurance estimate and the repair bill showing the completed repairs are required. A representative of our Insurance department will provide you with the details.

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Visit M'Lady Nissan or chat with our team to lease a new Nissan SUV, sedan or truck. If it's time to return your lease and you're searching for new Nissan specials near me, then don't hesitate to call us. We'll be more than happy to provide you with a variety of intriguing options. Don't wait another day, browse our latest Nissan lease specials at M'Lady Nissan today!

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