The engine of a grey Nissan car.

Nissan Battery Services and Replacement

At M'Lady Nissan in Crystal Lake, IL our skilled Nissan technicians are here to provide exceptional service and diagnostic solutions for you and your vehicle. Whether your battery needs to be replaced or if your vehicle is running sluggish, contact or stop by M'Lady Nissan’s service department for a battery inspection. When you take your vehicle into our Nissan dealership in Crystal Lake, IL you'll have peace of mind knowing that your vehicle is in great hands. Our technicians have replaced many different batteries in a variety of Nissan vehicles. Enjoy all the perks M’Lady Nissan provides for each customer with amenities including:

  • Factory Trained Technicians
  • Free Loaner Vehicles
  • Nissan Express Service
  • Car wash on every service visit
  • Premium amenities in the waiting room
  • Kids play area
  • Outdoor Patio area

Battery Inspections

Regular battery inspections are essential, empowering you to drive with confidence knowing your battery will always be there for you when you need it most. Factors like extreme weather conditions, moist areas, and stagnant use can hinder your battery’s performance. That’s why it’s vital to get your Nissan inspected at least twice a year or during your regularly scheduled oil change. During your battery inspection, we’ll thoroughly inspect your battery for possible corrosive damage, poor connections, and more. In addition to the inspection, we’ll also test your battery’s voltage to make sure it’s holding enough power to get you through the year.

Battery Replacements

There are several warning signs that can help let you know it's time to think about replacing or bringing your battery in for a check-up. Common warning signs that your battery is dying include your ignition not starting, dim interior and exterior lights, display or air conditioner malfunctions, and other odd electrical issues.

After about five years, your battery will begin to weaken due to use, weather, and other factors. That’s why it is recommended to replace your battery every five years, routinely replacing your battery will ensure your vehicle's performance and protect your warranty. Waiting too long to change out your battery can lead to costly damage like corrosion. When choosing a new battery, shopping, purchasing, and installing it at M’Lady Nissan will make sure you get the proper battery and warranty for your Nissan.

Rotor for a Nissan car.

Why Service at M'Lady Nissan?

Regardless of whether you visit us with a view to purchasing a used or new Nissan vehicle, drop in on our service department to have your vehicle serviced or to purchase manufacturer-approved Nissan spare parts, you will always be met by one of our friendly staff members ready and willing to assist you.

We offer many incentives for you to choose from, and we have access to them all. There are purchase and lease specials on almost every vehicle in the range. Some Nissan models have low or no-interest deals for up to six years, some have manufacturer cash rebate specials, and some have both. If you would prefer a lease deal, Nissan has you covered there as well with competitive rates and plans available to suit any budget. Additional reasons to choose M’Lady’s service department over the competition include:

  • Our Service Team knows your vehicle inside and out
  • We know how to evaluate your vehicle
  • We use Genuine Nissan Parts to ensure quality performance
  • Our Factory-Trained Technicians specialize in servicing your Nissan
  • Our Advanced Diagnostic System ensures we service your vehicle right the first time