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Oil Change Maintenance and Service

At M'Lady Nissan in Crystal Lake, IL our skilled Nissan technicians are here to provide exceptional service and diagnostic solutions for you and your vehicle. We know how difficult it can be to have a vehicle that is having issues starting and no matter if its the timing belt, simple battery replacement or a routine oil change we have the knowledge and know how to get your vehicle back on the road. Schedule service with your service center and check out our M'Lady service specials for the best service price on your vehicle.

The Importance of Oil Changes

Scheduling routine oil changes are important for the maintenance of you Nissan. By doing routine care on your Nissan, you save money in the long run by reducing the risk of costly repairs brought on by missing oil changes. Under the hood, all of the parts need proper lubrication to reduce the friction that causes overheating. Clean engine oil will not only improve your Nissan’s fuel efficiency but it will also help reduce the risk of overheating, grinding gears, and an expensive repair.

Oil Change Levels

Checking Your Oil Levels

In order to keep your Nissan healthy, it’s important to check your oil levels regularly to help maintain a reliable, safe, and efficient car. It’s important to check your oil levels every few weeks and especially before longer journeys.

To get an accurate reading, the oil must be warm, at normal operating temperature, and the vehicle must be on a level surface. Review your Nissan's vehicle Owner’s Manual for the proper procedure to check your oil level. You’ll get a more accurate reading by following your vehicle’s specific instructions.

Choosing the Right Oil

When choosing the right oil for your Nissan, it’s important to know the differences between synthetic oil and regular oil. While your Nissan doesn’t require synthetic oil, it does ensure a better running vehicle that will last longer. Mobil 1 is the oil chosen by Nissan, but consult your owner’s manual or visit M’Lady Nissan to consult our technicians.

Benefits of Synthetic Oil

Synthetic oil is engineered from base oil, powder additives, and carrier oil. This combination enforces a more evenly distributed mixture of the additives to help the lubrication process. Like regular oil, synthetic oil should be changed out every 7,500 miles. Your oil filter should be changed with every oil change to ensure clean oil and optimal lubrication. With synthetic oil, your vehicle will function better in colder climates and in extreme weather as well! Other benefits of synthetic oil include:

  • Uniform molecular size means less friction
  • Refinement and engineering reduce deposits
  • Additives boost protection and can clean engines
  • Cleaner oil with fewer impurities

Oil Change FAQs

When the "Change Engine Oil Soon” message appears, oil change service is necessary for the vehicle as soon as possible.

Nissan vehicles don't require the use of synthetic oil, however it is recommended for the longevity and benefits it gives your vehicle.

View your vehicle Owner’s Manual or visit M’Lady Nissan in Crystal Lake, IL to be sure you get the correct oil for your vehicle.

Mobil 1 motor oil was chosen by Nissan.

Yes! Regular changes will help maintain your Nissan’s lifespan by helping provide optimal engine performance.

Yes! By doing so, it’ll help your new oil last longer and is not being filtered with a used and already dirty filter.

Depending on your driving habits, make, year, and model, checking your on-dash indicator and manual can help you get a better idea. Generally changing your oil every 7,500 to 10,000 miles when using synthetic oil is advised.

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