Nissan Certified Pre-Owned vs. Pre-Owned

Pre-Owned vs. Certified

Nissan Certified Pre-Owned vs. Pre-Owned

What is the difference between CPO & Pre-Owned cars? 

There are always added benefits to choosing a Certified Pre-Owned over a regular Pre-Owned vehicle, from confidence thanks to stricter guidelines and added warranty benefits to reliable corporate infrastructure.

First off, a Certified automobile undergoes a more detailed, multi-point inspection; these include exterior lighting, engine, glass and mirrors, interior, brakes and tires, drivetrain, door alignment, and a complete road test. A Certified Pre-Owned Nissan’s undergoes 167 Inspection Points, setting a high bar for what they’ll add to their Certified Pre-Owned collection and giving consumers confidence with each purchase.

Although often cheaper, non-certified cars are unlikely to have been inspected to the same standards as a Certified Pre-Owned model, and likely won't come with as many if any guarantees or the same background check guarantees.  

Every Nissan Certified Pre-Owned Vehicle comes with a free CARFAX® Vehicle History Report™ and a 3-Year CARFAX® Buyback Guarantee. You can view the CARFAX® Vehicle History Report™ of every Nissan Certified Pre-Owned Vehicle in inventory at no charge to you. Based on information from more than 86,000 data sources, CARFAX® instantly generates a Vehicle History Report™. Buying Certified vehicles take some of the risks out of buying a used car and adds peace of mind to what you're really buying.

Next warranties,  thousands of dollars can be lost when you choose a non-Certified Pre-Owned Car. The ability to continue on a warranty of the previous owner can help protect the consumer of unforeseen issues that may come to life long after the purchase date. Being able to have that kind of insurance in case of circumstances brings up another pro for a Certified Pre-Owned.

A manufacturer-backed warranty gives you the same benefits as if you were the original owner. Nissan's Certified Pre-Owned warranty offers 7 years or 100,000 miles of powertrain protection from the car's original sale date. That's just the start of it, Nissan’s warranty also features a free Carfax vehicle history report and 24-hour roadside assistance and includes a 3-month trial of SiriusXM radio for an added bonus.  Other perks include rental reimbursement of $35 per day for up to 5 days during covered repairs, as well as trip-interruption benefits if covered repairs are required more than 100 miles from home.

It all comes back to the peace of mind; knowing who you're dealing with makes trusting what’s going on the tag and what has reported a much easier process. Being able to contact the seller is an underrated benefit of buying from a Certified dealer and knowing that a certifying party’s standards will have replaced or fixed parts properly, and returned the vehicle to what is known as “like new” status with certified parts and technicians. 

So when considering Certified Pre-Owned or regular Pre-Owned remember; know the history of the vehicle, that it's gone through a rigorous inspection, undergone proper maintenance, the difference a warranty can make, and the importance of knowing your seller. Con of non-Certified cars includes lack of defined inspection process, limited to no warranty, and lack of seller accountability.

Stop into M’Lady Nissan Crystal Lake, IL to view our inventory and test drive a Certified Pre-Owned car to see which one is right for you!


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