Get your Car Summer Ready

Get Your Car Ready For Summer With M’Lady Nissan

Get your Vehicle Summer Ready!

Summer means road trips and family vacations -- and it also means long hours on the highway and high temperatures that can stress a vehicle’s systems. Let’s make sure that your car’s ready for summer before you pack up the kids and hit the road. Here’s a quick checklist to get you prepared:

  • Cooling system service: Your car’s cooling system dissipates the engine’s heat to outside air, and it’s something that needs maintenance and service at regular intervals just like the vehicle’s other systems. That means a pressure test to ensure the radiator, hoses and water pump are leak-free and a cooling system flush and refill to replace tired coolant and eliminate any scale or contaminants from the system.
  • Tires: Summer temperatures and long hours on the highway put a lot of stress on tires. It’s important to check your tires’ tread depth and have them rotated to ensure even wear before a long road trip. It’s also essential to check tire inflation (while the tires are hot) -- tires that are underinflated by even a pound of two can compromise fuel economy and can quickly overheat due to the added rolling resistance.
  • Oil change: Motor oil is your engine’s life blood, cooling and lubricating moving parts. Oil picks up contaminants like carbon, acids and water vapor, though, and needs to be changed at regular intervals. M’Lady Nissan can get you in and out for an oil change so you can get on your way again!
  • Windshield wipers: Time, the elements and normal wear take their toll on windshield wipers. If you’re noticing streaks or smudges when you use the wipers, or if your wiper blades are cracked, chipped or dried-out, let M’Lady Nissan’s service department swap them for a new pair.
  • Brake service: Brake pads, like anything else on a vehicle, have a specific service life and need to be replaced when the friction material is worn down to about ¼”. At M’Lady Nissan, we can quickly get a look at your pads and rotors and advise whether brake service is a good idea before you hit the road.

Make sure that your summer road trips with your family are safe, fun and trouble-free. Make an appointment with M’Lady Nissan and let our service department give your vehicle a checkup before you get on the road!


Get your Car Summer Ready - M'Lady Nissan

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