Summer Road Trip Checklist

Your Ultimate Summer Road Trip Checklist

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Summer is here and it’s time to hit the road for the ultimate road trip adventure! Nissan vehicles provide a variety of benefits to ensure your trip is the best yet. We hope you get your vehicle checked out by a certified technician for pre-trip inspections and service before you go for the long drive. Don’t forget to pack up with the essentials, and head out with your family for the best vacation yet!

Entertainment for the Road:

  • Load up your smartphone with the latest podcasts, apps, and music playlists for your listening pleasure during the drive.
  • Android Auto and Apple Carplay, available in a variety of Nissan Models, will get you set up with music, podcasts, audiobooks, and navigation to make your trip a smooth one.
  • Set up the tablet with movies and tv shows before you depart on the road. This will assist with some back seat entertainment and will likely lower the question, “ Are we there yet?” from taking place.
  • Pack games and activities for kids in the car - make a list of fun game ideas such as ispy and road trip bingo. Books, coloring supplies and small travel games are sure to be a hit as well!
  • Make sure the drive is a comfortable one and don’t forget to bring along some snacks, pillows, and blankets for naps. Snacks will help with keeping the road trip moving to the next stop and lower any hunger issues.

Best Nissan Features for Road Trips: 

  • Divide-N-Hide® cargo system will help with organizing all supplies for the road trip safely and securely along the way in your Nissan Rogue. This feature is also great to maximize cargo space and to ensure you have everything you need.
  • Motion Activated Liftgate is great for when you have your hands full and need some assistance to load up the car. The sensor will detect when you are close to the liftgate area and raise it automatically for you.
  • Turn by Turn Navigation is a helpful feature to make sure you are going the correct way on your trip. Although it can be nice to get lost every once and awhile, the day of road maps have advanced and it is a bit harder to get lost on the road.
  • Temperature controls to ensure a comfortable climate for everyone is a must. Nissan has you covered with dual climate control for the front and adjustable vents for the back seats. 
  • Nissan Intelligent Mobility is sure to help you remove some of the stress driving can bring on trips.  This feature includes Nissan ProPilot Assist which will maintain your speed, keep you in your lane, and brake for you. All these components assist with a safe and highly effective drive anywhere you go.

Packing Essentials:

  • Roadside Emergency Kit is a must-have on the road. Here are some items we suggest having a kit such as first aid supplies, jumper cables, tow strap, spare tire, vehicle owner’s manual,  flashlight, tire pressure gauge, raincoat, bottled water, etc. All these supplies are helpful in case someone gets hurt or if there is any sort of emergency along the way.
  • Key essentials that might be easy to overlook before you hit the road are a drivers license, vehicle registration, car insurance information, emergency phone numbers, an extra set of car keys, phone charger, and sunglasses/glasses.

Trip Ideas

  • Camping is available throughout the country and can be a great time to get away, see the sites, enjoy nature, and unplug.
  • Pack up and head to the beach or on a hike. Road trips do not need to be for miles and miles, Illinois has lots of beaches, pools, parks and hiking trails to keep you busy this summer. Get out and explore them all!
  • If you are a history buff and want to get out to see all the historical sites here is a list of the top 10 historical sites to see!

We hope you head out on wonderful adventures big or small! Before you do check out the Nissan Rogue for safe traveling in comfort and style. You can also schedule an appointment with us to get your vehicle serviced before you hit the road. Safe travels from M’Lady Nissan in Crystal Lake, IL!


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